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Yes, it is absolutely safe to drink as the water is potable water from Unitywater.

Bookings can be placed on our website or you are very welcome to call us on 0407 655 955 or email or make an enquiry.

We can delivery water from up to 100 meters away from your water tank or swimming pool.

Yes, you can swim in the Water immediatley… in-fact we actually insist someone swims in it. But not me!

On average it takes about one hour per load. So roughly around, 8 loads in one day.

We only carry potable town water from Unity Water approved hydrants.

We accept cash or card – Payment required at the time of the Water Delivery.

Or you can order and pay online.

Once hoses are hooked up from tank to truck it takes approximately 12 mins.

Yes, we have full public liability insurance.

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